About La Scenteur

La-scenteur came into being in 2013- a trading house that was founded with the sole purpose of catering to the requirements of Candle and Aerosol manufacturing companies. Through decades of experience and growing market trends, La-Scenteur crafted unique fragrances while diversifying into other sectors such as Personal care, Health and Hygiene, Household and Industrial care and Fine fragrances. Today La-Scentuer has a full fledged fragrance boutique known to craft niche fragrances for clients around the globe.

La-Scenteur is a leading world-class creative fragrance house that develops customised and successful fragrance solutions catering to diverse industries. We take pride in helping the brands create distinguished identity among its consumers while maintaining a loyal long-term following. 

Our Knowledge

The process of making something extraordinary from something ordinary drives each one at La-Scentuer. Combining nature’s natural essence with modern innovations from the world of Perfumery, we have created more than 10,000 exhilarating ranges of fragrance. We dive deep into understanding the market and product categories in which your brand thrives. We also present annual trends presentations and category overviews with relevant and creative fragrance concepts that assist you and your brand in the product development process. 

Our Creativity

Designing an invigorating fragrance is a collective combination of creativity and technical excellence at which La-Scenteur leaves no stone unturned. We possess an in-house research and development team working tirelessly, who arm themselves with in-depth knowledge of fragrances- blending new and familiar notes to create captivating new accords. Our perfumers are artists who bring long experience and skill in producing captivating olfactory compositions.

La-Scenteur is a part of the Manipal Group, a conglomerate of 12+ companies operating over four continents with over 92 years of business leadership. The group employs over 8000 people and operates in verticals ranging from technology to energy and infrastructure to media and publishing. The company’s fundamental belief stands strong over generations helping them achieve set business goals and reaching the pinnacle of success. 

La Scenteur Fragrance Technologies Private Limited

Plot No. 7-G4 Baikampady Industrial Area, Mangalore – 575011, Karnataka, India