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La-Scenteur is a leading world-class creative fragrance house that develops customised and successful fragrance solutions catering to diverse industries. We take pride in helping the brands create distinguished identity among its consumers while maintaining a loyal long-term following. Our company stands for creativity and innovation while upholding its values of integrity, quality and compliance in every detail.


La-Scentuer brings acutely developed sensibilities to the task of developing fragrance for our customers. We believe in setting new standards, creating exemplary examples  and inventing intoxicating irresistible fragrances that take our clients products to the pinnacle of success while leaving the consumers asking for more. 

Product range

Air Care

Gradual shift towards a sophisticated life and the prominence of having cleaner environments has led to a rapid growth of consumers looking to buy quality air-care products. Fragrance of an environment is crucial to elevating a space. La-scentuer lives up to the expectations by providing a range of exotic fragrance combinations pertinent to the industry. 


Product range

Personal Care

There’s an innate sense of confidence and happiness that comes with smelling good. Intoxicating fragrances provided by La-Scenteur, is surely a head turner and a crowd pleaser. We understand the sensitivity of the use of personal care hence all our fragrance is gentle on the consumers and creates a larger sensory experience in the used space.

Product range

Health and Hygiene

Global Pandemic saw a robust demand for health and hygiene products with an increased awareness regarding sanitisation and maintaining cleanliness. La-Scenteur’s well-researched, customised scent, aids consumers in maintaining a high-level of hygiene while eliminating odours. With enduring yet gentle scents, we keep experimenting to provide variety.

Product range

Home Care

La-Scenteur delivers an irresistible and holistic experience with its fragrances curated for the home care industry. A good fragrance creates an incredibly delicious environment for its dwellers. From the myriad catalogue of fragrances, we create scents for your products paralleled to the international market trends while significantly adding it to the global competition. 

Beyond Profit

Beyond business, beyond profit and beyond monetary resources; La-Scenteur cares for the people. Hence we adopt sustainable development practices in an effort to promote economic growth, environmental safety and social benefits.

Environment Safety

We make IFRA certified fragrance. La-Scenteur develops products that are made environment friendly and safe, biodegradable with benign insolvents, human friendly ingredients, and non carcinogenic ingredients in its making. We also promote natural fragrances derived from natural ingredients. We have zero tolerance and strictly adhere to government norms and procedures. La-Scenteur also launched its green earth programme- a planting initiative in order to pave the way for a greener and better future.



We choose our vendors carefully and source raw materials from trusted suppliers and manufacturers and opt for a responsible and transparent supply chain ensuring highest standards of product quality. We also opt for, wherever possible, production methods which lead the organisation towards sustainability. We also strictly adhere to material safety data sheets and uphold our values of compliance and integrity. 

Employees & Community

We invigorate diversity and create an environment for our employees that empower and encourage their growth. We ensure the health, safety and well-being of every employee through safety protocol training and frequent health checkup camps. We maintain the highest levels of personal integrity and ethical behaviour and also conduct frequent training programs to develop employee skill and efficiency. 

Quality Commitment

We as a company thrive by our Quality commitments. This commitment helps unlock the secrets of nature thus, ensuring the very best fragrance performance from the laboratory to factory production and into the world and beyond. Our expertise has given us the ability to monitor each potential variable, where customers can place their trust in us to always get it right when it counts. This is how we ensure we meet and go beyond our commitments: 

  • Uncompromised and strict adherence to global quality systems. 
  • Full-fledge team with analytical capabilities and creativity. 
  • Regulatory team across the world who constantly monitor market trends and innovate. 
  • Multiple testing parameters to conform to the international recognised standards.

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    La Scenteur Fragrance Technologies Private Limited

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