What Signature Scent Branding system can do for your business?
Scent marketing is the use of a strategically created fragrance diffused at customer touchpoints.
The right fragrance and strategy will communicate a clear, likable brand identity, amplify brand recall and brand loyalty while creating unique customer experiences

How does a brand deliver emotions?

Scent Marketing

83% of all commercial communications appeal to only one sense – our eyes. Leaving 17% to appeal to our other four senses. However, what we smell is significantly more influential in our moods and emotions than any other senses.

What makes our sense of smell special?

Scent molecules are picked up by the olfactory receptors in the nasal cavity of the nose. These receptors are linked to brain’s limbic system, which is responsible for emotions and memories.

When we recognize a scent, a memory recollection or emotional response would usually follow, which may correspondingly influence our moods and behaviours.

Studies show that ambient scenting can have a powerful effect in influencing moods and behaviours, and using the right fragrances can reap positive benefits for businesses, ranging from retail and hospitality to corporate and healthcare.

Why use Ambient Scenting?

Increase Dwell time – Encourage customers to stay longer with scent.

Improve CX – Create stronger connection with your customer through scent.

Encourage Loyalty –  Build customer loyalty by creating an exceptional first memorable impression.

Increase Sales – Put customers in buying mood with an emotional link driven by fragrances.

Retail & Showrooms

Infuse your environment with an inviting scent to  encourage customers to linger and relate to your brand.

  • Attract walk-in customers with an enticing fragrance system.
  • Make customers feel welcome and at ease while shopping.
  • Encourage people to liner, browse and shop in a relaxed mood.
  • Enable customers to associate a signature scent with your store.
  • Improve the shopping experience and let customer engage a deeper connection with your brand.

Spa & Fitness Centre

Create lasting impressions that keep your members coming back to relax and refresh themselves.

  • Clear odors with neutralizing scents.
  • Complement therapies with appropriate ambient scenting.
  • Perfect the ambience with air-freshening systems.
  • Prepare your space to energize and revitalize workouts.
  • Apply a signature fragrance systems for stronger association.

Hospitality & Food

Extend your warmest welcome with an inviting and memorable experience for your guests.

  • Make your guest feel at home with a pleasant, welcoming scent.
  • Use ambient scenting at specific areas to create the right mood for positive experiences.
  • Aroma scenting with coffee and fresh bake cookies arise and trigger pleasant craving in food and beverages.
  • Give your space a distinct character with scent branding that draws people in for a memorable experience.

Our Approach


We offer a free trial test in your place.
(For commercial only)


Our specialist team will advice you for the perfect scent that suits for your business brand


We install a suitable device and the chosen fragrance in your place


We renew the fragrance monthly regularly and we take care of your devices

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