HVAC Scent Diffuser

HVAC Scent Diffuser


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HVAC Scent Diffuser| 5000 ML | Ideal for Commercial Use in Malls, Hotel, Lobbies, Airports, Spa, Office.

Product Description:
Capacity: 5000 ML
Power Source: Electrical
Installation: Hvac system
Certification: CE .
Capacity (CFM): <20000 CFM Power (W): 31W Voltage (V): 220 Noise level: < 50dba Suitable coverage: 10000 cubic meter / depends on ducting Oil consumption: 6 ml/h +- 5%(continual working) Usage Instruction:
✔️ LS-01-1 series Fragrance diffusion system adopts cold air atomization principle, which is combined high-tech quality.
✔️ Applicability: elegant appearance, easy to install, stable performance.
✔️ Intelligence: adopting a microcomputer system to control the work duration and aroma concentration based on your setting. Machine control over keypad & app as well.
✔️ Reliability: leading cold air diffusion technology makes micron atomization of aroma to spread quickly in the interior space, more fresh & lasting.
✔️ Installation:- Through HVAC duct

Package Contents:
1 Diffuser machine, 5 ltr fragrances refill can, Pipe


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