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Perfumers (or commonly known as a ‘nose’) are the people behind the creation of fragrance (or the fragrance of any scented product).
At La Scenteur we call them Artisan of fragrances.
La Scenteur Perfumers are specialised in category of the perfumery trade – be it fine fragrance or in functional perfumery, such as toiletries products and detergents.

La Scenteur scent designers are the creative artist who create ambient scents that evoke a calibrated effect in their spaces today. Olfactory branding, or “scent marketing,” is a particularly attractive tactic, especially during a time when consumers are inundated with visual and aural messaging. Acting in parts of the brain that process memory and emotions, scent activates a response like no other sensory stimulus can.
On an aesthetic level, a scent designer can amplify an interior designer’s work.

Our production excellences stem from the ease with which we manage complex operations, resulting in a unique combination of size & agility. This enables us to meet the needs of our domestic & International clients with ease. We have pioneered cutting-edge technologies which require minimum human intervention, ensuring that formulae and trade secret remain confidential. With an average lead-time of 5 days with 98% on-time shipping and 99.8% right-the-first-time batching, our production statistics are one of the best in the industry!

At LaScenteur, smell is not the only thing we are passionate about. Our vision is to be your preferred marketing partner because we know that when you combine winning scents with visionary concepts your products become differentiated in remarkable ways. Our talented Sales Team works hand-in-hand with you to build real partnerships that drive business and maximize brand value.

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