Scent Marketing

The Relationship of Smell and Memory

How often have you walked into a store, restaurant, home or office building and smelled something that takes you right back to a pleasant time in your life? Perhaps it’s the smell of baking bread, cookies, a certain type of flower, perfume or a thousand other things.

One of the leading triggers of memory is smell, and having the right scents and smells in your place of business can trigger pleasant feelings and memories in clients and customers. This can affect their mood, their emotions and create a better experience.

At La Scenteur, we are Premium Scenting experts who work with you to select a scent that perfectly matches your brand and business. Triggering the right memories with the right scents is a delicate thing, but the right memories will make your place of business one that clients and customers will enjoy and want to spend more time in.


Why Scenting?

A complete customer experience involves stimulating all five senses. The olfactory senses are powerful pleasure detectors. By uniformly diffusing a specially selected fragrance into the air, Premium Scenting helps create a unique and memorable ambiance, which shoppers will associate with your brand.

In today’s noisy world, we have become used to receiving visual and auditory brand messages. La Scenteur Premium Scenting uses the subtle yet powerful sense of smell, to add an extra dimension to your brand message.

Scents are selected to complement your brand image. They become part of the total experience and customers recognize that a particular scent ‘belongs’ to a particular brand.articular brand.

Fact: 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell.

Odor Remediation

In your busy environment, we understand that you may also have a need for effective odor remediation in some part of your business. Needless to say, lingering malodors in your interior can drastically affect how people view your business. From eliminating a strong tobacco odor from a Las Vegas casino to curing a commercial building of an ongoing skunk smell issue, La Scenteur has numerous odor remediation case studies that display the value of Premium Scenting.

Fact: 40% of customers stay longer in a pleasantly scented environment.

Custom Scent Design and Matching Services

La Scenteur’s dedicated and experienced team of designers reflect the integrity and quality of our products. Our in-house scent blending capacity and sophisticated designs ensure our products remain at the cutting edge of scent diffusion technology and provide businesses with tailor made scenting solutions and diffuser designs.

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