Quality & Compliance

Philosophy of Quality & Service

Our technology is state-of-the-art. We have the latest GCMS & Headspace capabilities help to unlock the secrets of nature, ensuring you get the very best fragrance performance, from the laboratory, to factory production & into the world beyond.

La Scenteur combines the ability to monitor each potential variable with a serious commitment to global quality systems, meaning customers can place their trust in us to always get it right when it counts. Our global reach & expertise means we know what is required to help you develop your product from its first design through to the shelf.

We also ensure we meet and aim to exceed our obligations to keep ahead of global regulation, product by product across fragrance industries

  • World class – Conceptual ideas with a line of suggested fragrances which are consistent with the needs & demands of customers.
  • Trends – We identify trends in our customer markets that will give them a forefront in their market. We identify new materials that increases the fragrance palate & offer improved & innovative scents.
  • Research – Stay abreast on regulatory issues & research stability and compatibility to provide fragrances that fully comply with current, recommended guidelines.
  • Maintain – Reliable sources of raw materials and adequate inventories to rapidly respond to customer needs
  • Service – Integrate our customer requirements into our business procedures & provide necessary specifications and documentation to assure and maintain consistent quality.


Quality Parameters

All fragrances are tested for the below testing and parameters & confirms to the international recognised standards

GC, GCMS, FTIR Specific Gravity, Density, Flash point, Polariscope, Refractive index