Why Are Premium Scenting Machines Different?

La Scenteur Premium Scenting machines provide optimal results because:

Service is ecologically friendly, innovative and safe.

Unlike most commercial scent machines, scents diffused from La Scenteur units behave like a vapor and don’t fall to the floor after emission, remaining in the air for up to four hours

The scenting of the space is 100% uniform and does not leave wet deposits on any surfaces because the diffusion of the scenting particles is controlled

The ingredients used in La Scenteur units are completely pure and manufactured to the highest standards. Unlike conventional systems, which are composed of at least 50% solvents and propellants that contain potentially harmful volatile organic compounds, La Scenteur Premium Scenting dispenses pure fragrance without the need for such additives.

This technology enables you to take a safe and sustainable approach to enhancing your environment. Its innovative design allows you to create a pleasing scent ambience and deal with problem odors with very low VOC concentrations.






View the scent machine specifications for the Premium Scenting units below:

Technical data – Premium Scenting LS 860

Technical data – Premium Scenting LS 460

Technical data – Premium Scenting LS 101




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