How We Can Help

How We do it

Custom Scent Creation – We help you create the best scent for your particular brand and needs.

Custom Scent Matching – We will analyze your existing fragrance and match it with 99.9% accuracy.

Recommend the best diffuser for your space requirements.

Offer special pricing and services for larger scale clients.







Free Scenting Consultation

Our scent catalog awaits your perusal so that you can begin choosing a unique aroma that will be sure to uplift your space.

La Scenteur’ teams of professionals are waiting to help you to develop your signature fragrance that will be sure to lure as well as retain your customers.

Set up a free scenting consultation on call with La Scenteur to learn more about Premium Scenting.



Premium Scent Machines for Business Environment

Premium Scenting scent machines are flexible and can be used to scent spaces of any size, from a small room to an entire building. Our customers can reap the benefits of scenting their commercial spaces without having to worry about installation or maintenance.

We’ll come and complete a survey of your location and recommend the right solution for you. You have no equipment to own or maintain as our fully trained team members will install the units and then return on a regular basis to replace and refresh the fragrance.


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